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Terms & Conditions of Service

1 – Hosting Contract

There is no contract of any nature between ArrietaHosting.com and the subscriber. Once you have requested the plan and/or service and sent the email confirming the order details, you will have 24 hours to make the corresponding payment. If the payment is not sent or is rejected by the bank, ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right NOT to activate the service. Payment data must have the information described below: name of the bank, date of payment, reference number or bank deposit number (issued by the bank), transaction amount and associated orders or services associated with the payment. pay. After payment for the service has been made, it must be reported from the client area Payments | ArrietaHosting in the option: “Report Payment” in order for the activation or renewal of a service to be carried out, if you make the payment directly from the proforma this action is not necessary. Entering payment data does not guarantee that your payment can be verified, the client will be able to view the status of their payment, after the estimated delay period that has been detailed has elapsed, from Payments | ArrietaHosting. Once your payment is verified, you will be informed via an email to your contact email. In the event that your payment cannot be verified by our Administrative Department, a notice will also be sent by email.

To cancel a service, the client must request it via email from the contact email. You can do so at any time during the plan, losing the right to the unused balance and the information deleted after confirmation of the cancellation.

2 – Contents

The services contracted with ArrietaHosting.com must be used exclusively for lawful purposes. The use of any of the services contracted with ArrietaHosting.com that violate any local, national or international law is strictly prohibited. While using the services contracted with ArrietaHosting.com, the Subscriber may not: disclose or transmit illegal, abusive, defamatory, racist, offensive information, or any other type of information susceptible to objection, whether through photographs, texts, advertising banners or links. to external pages, as well as publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or exploit any information or software that contains viruses or any other harmful component, software or other material that is not original (pirated), infringe intellectual property rights, publish or provide material or resources about hacking, cracking, or any other information that ArrietaHosting.com considers inappropriate. Any use of the system for illegal purposes will authorize ArrietaHosting.com to suspend the contracted services without prior notice.

3 – Denial or termination of service

ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to deny or cancel the services contracted by the Subscriber with or without prior notice if the Subscriber engages in any conduct or activity that ArrietaHosting.com considers abuse or violation of any of the terms, rules and conditions set forth herein. , with or without prior notice and not being responsible for the consequences that may result for this reason.

4 – Programs and scripts

In the case of hosting accounts that have execution permissions, the Subscriber can install and execute the scripts they deem appropriate. However, ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to deactivate any script or software installed by the Subscriber that affects the normal functioning of the server.

5 – File Distribution

Websites whose purpose is file distribution (e.g. photo galleries, MP3s, downloadable libraries, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A site may be considered this way when more than 10% of its content is dedicated to files for distribution.

6 – Confidentiality

ArrietaHosting.com will maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by the Subscriber for payment of the service, as described in the Data Protection Law. ArrietaHosting.com undertakes not to send advertising unless expressly accepted by the Subscriber. Notification of changes in prices or characteristics of the services offered or internal notifications between the subscriber and ArrietaHosting.com are excluded.

7 – Traffic consumed (Bandwidth)

There are hosting plans that include a certain amount of monthly traffic. If you exceed the transfer limit you will be notified on your website. FTP and POP Mail access will not be suspended. The restriction cannot be removed, if your site is exceeded frequently you can request to upgrade your plan to obtain a higher and/or unlimited transfer rate and avoid possible blockages of the web service.

8 – Data loss

ArrietaHosting.com is not responsible for the loss of data on the server caused by users, failures in our system, updates to our servers or loss of service due to non-payment. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain a backup copy of the site, we make 2 weekly automatically. It is also the user’s responsibility to keep emails from the webmail system secure.

9 – Out of service

ArrietaHosting.com is not responsible for any losses or damages that may be caused to the subscriber by being offline due to maintenance, updating and/or failures in our servers.

10 – Registration, Renewal or Delay in the transfer of domains

ArrietaHosting.com is not responsible for delays in domain registrations and DNS transfers caused by third parties or by the user who acquires our services. Likewise, we are not responsible for domain blocking and loss if the Subscriber does not cancel ten (5) days before the service expiration date. At the time of domain registration, it can only be used for paid hosting. If the user wishes to use a free blog, they must indicate this in the purchase order and in the payment report, if they do not indicate this in the order. purchase or in the report, we are not responsible if you can use the domain name to be pointed to free blogs. Geographic domains cannot be targeted for free blogs. Domain transfers must be initiated at least 30 days before expiration, otherwise we are not responsible for the delays that this type of process entails and for the blocking or loss of domains.

11 – Payments and Maturities

ArrietaHosting.com gives the subscriber up to 5 days after the expiration of the service to make the payment after its renewal date. If you fail to pay within 75 days of renewal, the service will be temporarily suspended. For reactivation, the amount corresponding to the cost of renewal of the service must be paid and it will be reactivated only once the payment accreditation is verified. In the event of non-payment within 14 calendar days after the due date, ArrietaHosting.com will carry out the definitive cancellation of the service with the corresponding elimination of all the information that the subscriber has hosted on the server, losing all right to claim for the information. deleted. In the event that the person wishes to renew said service after the deletion date, and does not have backup of their information, they must generate a new purchase order, as a new service, and may have to additionally pay an amount for the account restoration; However, before canceling said restoration, we must confirm that there is still a backup of said information on our servers. In the case of CloudHosting, CloudVPS and (or) Dedicated Servers, the subscriber will have 10 days before the expiration date to cancel said service, if by the expiration date of the order, they do not have the payment credited to their account up to date to renewal, the service will automatically be terminated, losing all right to claim for the deleted information. In hosting plans that include the domain or are a domain registration service, said order will be generated 15 days in advance, and automatically on the day it expires it will enter a state of suspension. If this payment is not made upon the expiration date, the domain will be in a “locked” state, which may remain for 35 to 45 days, and then the domain will be available to be registered by anyone. Payment for the service is made month in advance, annually, quarterly or monthly as indicated in the plan details. ArrietaHosting.com sends repeated reminder notices to the subscriber, to the email associated in the customer area they have with us, about service expirations.

12 – Contact Email and Service Ownership

When contracting a service with ArrietaHosting.com, the Subscriber places a contact email in their customer area which will be the main means of communication between ArrietaHosting.com and the Subscriber. Order generation information, suspension notifications, elimination of services and other internal notifications will exclusively be sent to this contact email provided by the Subscriber. ArrietaHosting.com does not accept payment reports for services by emails other than those registered in the customer area as the Subscriber’s contact emails. Likewise, any request for change or transfer of services will not be processed if they are not sent from this contact email; ArrietaHosting.com will not send access data reminder emails to anyone other than this contact email. However, the owner of the service or domain will be the holder of the tax invoice issued at the time, so ArrietaHosting.com has the permission granted by the Subscriber to make the change of service to the holder at the time it is requested by the subscriber, after providing support.

13 – CloudHosting, CloudVPS and Dedicated Servers

You will be given preferential attention through any of the customer service channels. If the Subscriber exceeds the bandwidth limit stipulated in the service offered monthly, they must pay said difference once the invoice for this consumption is generated.

14 – Modifications

ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to introduce modifications, without prior notice, in the characteristics and prices of the plans and/or services offered. Any notification that affects the technical characteristics of the services offered will take place directly through our websites. The conditions and rules stated here may be modified by ArrietaHosting.com by notifying you by the means it deems necessary, including our website.

15 – Billing (data entry and invoice changes):

If the Subscriber does not update the data for billing, before paying for said service, the invoice will be issued with the data that appears in the customer area under the final consumer modality. Once 30 calendar days have passed since the payment has been made, the Subscriber can change the billing information for future payments; invoices for payments that have already been issued after the stipulated period have passed will not be modified. If at the time of making the invoice, the data provided by the Subscriber does not match the verification carried out in the SENIAT, two notices will be sent to the Subscriber indicating that they must change the data in their customer area, if ArrietaHosting.com does not receive responses , a third reminder to change tax data will be sent and the suspension will be carried out within a period of 24 hours from the sending of the notification (email and/or ticket), until the data change is made. prosecutors. YOU ARE REMINDED THAT THE OWNER OF THE SERVICE OR DOMAIN WILL BE THE OWNER OF THE TAX INVOICE ISSUED. ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to keep the original invoices in our offices for a maximum period of one (1) year counted from the current month backwards. After this time, the original invoices will be safeguarded as indicated by the Organic Tax Code (COT), outside our facilities, which are safeguarded by an external company hired for this purpose. If the Subscriber requests an original invoice more than one (1) year old, they must request it via email, and this will generate an administrative expense that will be charged to the Subscriber’s account, the delivery time by ArrietaHosting.com will be up to 15 business days, counted from the cancellation of the expense by the Subscriber.

16 – Anti-SPAM Policy (Sending unsolicited advertising)

Along with the growth of the Internet, email abuse also grows. People get very annoyed by SPAM mail and send complaints to providers. Because of this, we must take a strict position regarding SPAM email. The subscriber agrees not to send unsolicited advertising through email or any other means on the Internet advertising any services hosted with ArrietaHosting.com, whether through services contracted with us or through any other service provider. Failure to comply with this point will lead to the immediate suspension, with or without prior notice, of the contracted services. When the service is suspended due to SPAM, a suspension screen will be placed on the corresponding site. Any expense generated by sending spam will be charged to the user’s account and the service will not be reactivated until payment of the fine is verified.

17 – Mass mailing

It is reported that mass email sending is not allowed, since the operation of the SMTP server is affected. If the Subscriber has a certain number of users who are interested in receiving information about their company or service, before sending the corresponding email, contact the technical support department of ArrietaHosting.com, so that from the technical area , you are given the necessary instructions, so as not to generate conflicts of any kind. If mass mailing is carried out, the account will be suspended immediately with or without prior notice by the technical department of our company. It will be restored only once the Subscriber contacts said department to clarify the situation. Shared services have email sending limitations per hour/domain.

18 – Return of money or duplicate payments

ArrietaHosting.com does not refund money. The Subscriber may use said money as a payment for payment of other services or renewal of the same service. ArrietaHosting.com is not responsible for duplicate payments in our accounts, by our Subscribers, and this money can only be used for payments of other services or renewal thereof; No refunds are made for registrations, renewals or transfers of domains and installations of any application that has been requested and paid for by the Subscriber.

19 – Right to refund

The right to request a refund of the money delivered to ArrietaHosting.com as payment for the services provided will only be valid when the service corresponds only to Web Hosting, Web Hosting for Resellers and (or) Streaming Plans. In the case of plans that include free domain registration, the refund will be made only for the amount corresponding to the hosting service, not the cost of domain registration and/or additional add-ons that you have requested and paid for. To be considered, the refund request must meet the following requirements:

– Received by ArrietaHosting.com before the first thirty (30) continuous days of the original service. In the case of modifications to the plan, the date of purchase of the first service will be taken.

– The plan for which the money back is requested must be ACTIVE. For the money back option to be verified, you must NOT request cancellation of the service before or during the refund request.

– The request must be based on justifiable facts where it is proven that the applicant has suffered technical inconveniences, referring to the direct operation of the web hosting provided by ArrietaHosting.com.

Refunds will not take place if the inconveniences are associated with programming problems, site configuration or application deployment, the use of unsupported versions of software (PHP, MySQL, among others), integration problems with external elements (customers of mails).

Once the refund request has been received and the previously stated requirements have been met, ArrietaHosting.com will evaluate the request and, if applicable, the amount will be refunded through the agreed means. The refund amount will not include commission expense amounts that apply to some payment methods.

20 – Additional or Optional Services

ArrietaHosting.com, does the installation or configuration for one (1) single hosting account; which is specified by the Subscriber at the time of generating the purchase order. Reseller plans must pay for additional and optional services, for each hosting account to which they wish to install or configure it.

21 – Design or Programming Services

ArrietaHosting.com does not offer web page design or programming services. Due to this, we do not provide technical support that is considered design and/or programming. This must be done from Arrietadgpca.com, which is our specialized area.

22 – Unlimited features in shared Web Hosting plans

The “Unlimited” use policy of the features that some of our plans have is only for the purpose that subscribers can have a website and email to build an effective online presence. The use of the mentioned resources under this modality can be carried out as long as they do not degrade the quality of the service in general and/or negatively affect the user experience of other subscribers who share the same server. The limitations of the services are specific to web servers and cannot be used as: Mail Servers, Database Servers, Backup Servers and FTP Servers. To guarantee these aspects, the following restrictions will apply:

a) Unlimited disk space: ArrietaHosting.com imposes limits on the amount of disk space that a subscriber can use for their website, emails, among others. It does NOT offer unlimited disk space for online storage, anonymous FTP, download services, file distribution sites, backup copies of data and documents other than the subscribed account, storage of multimedia files (video, images, audio, etc.) or log files, among others that may generate intensive disk usage. Please note that any prohibited use of the services may result in the suspension or cancellation of the contracted service, with or without prior notice. The files hosted in the subscriber’s accounts (images, multimedia, scripts, html, etc.) must have a direct relationship with the hosted website and we reserve the right to monitor the use of the space to detect improper use of it. Accounts with a large number of files (200,000 INODES or more) can have an adverse effect on server performance. Likewise, hosting accounts with databases (MySQL, Postgre SQL or SQLServer) with an excessive number of tables (databases with more than 500 tables) or with excessive database size (more than 5 GB) negatively impact the performance of the server. In these cases, ArrietaHosting.com may request that the number of files, number of tables in one or more databases or their size be reduced to ensure the correct functioning of the service and will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, reserving the right to the suspension of the service with or without prior notice as the case may be. Only backup copies generated by the subscriber from the control panel are allowed. The permanence of backup(s) made by our clients on the site may not exceed 7 days after their creation, which may be deleted without prior notice by ArrietaHosting.com.

b) Unlimited transfer or traffic: ArrietaHosting.com does not impose limits on the amount of traffic that a website can receive from its visitors or the amount of content that its owner can upload to it in a given period, nor does additional costs based on increased transfer usage, provided your use of the service complies with the following terms. The shared Web Hosting service is specially designed to host websites and its use is prohibited for purposes such as: IRC chat channels, audio or video streaming services, video channels, proxy or anonymizer sites, sites dedicated exclusively to downloading. of files, sites dedicated exclusively to hosting images for third parties, among other purposes. In most cases a website will be able to support as much traffic (and therefore generate consumption per transfer) as it can legitimately acquire. However, ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to limit processor time, bandwidth, processes, memory and number of files in case it is necessary to avoid a negative impact on its service and that of the rest of the users who share the service. server. Consider that any prohibited use of the services may result in the suspension of the contracted service, with or without prior notice.

c) Unlimited Databases: ArrietaHosting.com does not impose limits on the number of Databases generated, as long as the use of these features does not degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the user experience of other subscribers who share the same server. Hosting accounts with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLServer) with an excessive number of tables (databases with more than 500 tables) or with excessive size of their databases (more than 5 GB) have a negative impact server performance.

d) Unlimited space in email accounts: ArrietaHosting.com may establish limits on the amount of space available to store messages in each email box and may apply additional costs based on the increase in their capacity when using these features. may degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the user experience of other subscribers who share the same server. Each email received or sent generates files on the server and email accounts with a large number of files and/or weight can have an adverse effect on server performance. If the total INODES consumed by the email accounts exceeds that consumed by the web files and/or databases, we can ask the subscriber to make a backup or backup copy outside the server of a certain number of messages. In the event that the subscriber does not comply with this request, ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to remove a certain number of files (email messages) and (or) limit the space of use of each email account until the quality of service is normalized.

e) Unlimited number of email boxes: ArrietaHosting.com does not impose limits on the number of email boxes (or e-mail) that a subscriber can create, except for the corresponding plans; as long as the use of these features does not degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the user experience of other subscribers who share the same server. The use of this unlimited feature for the purpose of providing email service to third parties is expressly prohibited. If the subscriber requires this feature to become an email service provider (e.g. hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.), they must contact us and we can offer them other services consistent with this use.

f) Unlimited FTP access accounts: ArrietaHosting.com does not impose limits on the number of FTP accounts that a subscriber can create and/or use, as long as the use of these features does not degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the experience of use of other subscribers who share the same server. Likewise, the use of this unlimited feature for the purpose of providing storage services to third parties and the use of FTP accounts of the “Anonymous User” or “Guest” type is expressly prohibited.

g) Limited domains pointed or parked: ArrietaHosting.com imposes limits on the number of domains that a user can point (or park) to its website, as long as the use of these features does not degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the experience of using other subscribers who share the server. The “limited” use of this feature is for the sole purpose of allowing the subscriber to offer different access domains to their website and any use not related to this purpose is expressly prohibited.

h) Unlimited Sub-Domains: ArrietaHosting.com does not impose limits on the number of Sub-domains that a user can create on its website, nor does it apply additional costs based on increasing the number, as long as the use of these features do not degrade the quality of the service or negatively affect the user experience of other subscribers who share the server. In each case, improper use of the unlimited features of shared web hosting plans will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and ArrietaHosting.com reserves the right to suspend or delete an account or its content in order to guarantee the quality and uptime of the service. service, with or without prior notice.

i) ArrietaHosting.com may generate additional charges in the event that the Subscriber violates some of the unlimited use characteristics indicated here.

23 – Server overload

ArrietaHosting.com considers that an account is overloading the server for reasons of CPU, Memory, MySQL and sending mass emails, it may be suspended or terminated with or without prior notice.

24 – Installation of security scripts

The installation of the product by ArrietaHosting.com will reduce possible abuses, attacks, vulnerabilities, among others that the subscriber’s Server may have, however it is not responsible if the server is a victim of any of the cases indicated above.

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