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High-performance solutions for dynamic workloads



Plans for every need

All Plans Include


Service Guarantees

  • No Setup Cost
  • 1-Hour Account Activation
  • Website Migration
  • 99.9% Network Availability
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Multiple Data Centers

OS Options

  • CentOS 7 (64 bit)
  • Debian 9.0 Stretch (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64 bit)

Management Options

  • Full Root Access (w/ cPanel and DirectAdmin)
  • SSH Access
  • Web SSH Access (w/ Hepsia)
  • Billing Panel

Free features (with Hepsia CP)

  • OKVPN Traffic (5 GB)
  • Dropbox Backups
  • ModSecurity Optional Memcached
  • Redis, Node.js, Varnish
  • InnoDB Databases
  • Version control (Git, SVN)

Resale options (with cPanel and DirectAdmin)

  • Domain Reseller Account
  • Clientexec Support

Upgrade Services

Installing the Control Panel

cPanel – from $15.50/mo
DirectAdmin – $0.00/month
Hepsia Control Panel (No root access) – $0.00/mo

Extra Dedicated IPs

1 Additional IP – $6.00/month

Administrative Services

Installation & Troubleshooting – $60.00/hour
Managed Services Package – $15.00
– Weekly OS Updates
– Monitoring & Reboot
– Installation & Troubleshooting (30min)

Benefits of Signing Up for OpenVZ

Routine Hardware Testing

We conduct seven-day hardware stress tests in order to reduce the risk of any potential threats. The first four days are dedicated to memory tests to exterminate any occurrence of faulty memory. We then perform CPU tests for another two days to make sure that all elements of the CPU and motherboard are working well. And finally – we test the read/write performance of SSD devices.

24/7/365 support

If you have a problem with your OpenVZ VPS, we are here to help you. For example, if your VPS is running out of available memory or is being overloaded – we will advise you how to reduce memory/CPU usage, or if you have any network problems – we will try to resolve it for you. Additionally, we offer support for any of our pre-installed software applications. Please note that we do not support debugging of CMS/PHP scripts.

Spare Parts

We stock all types of spare server components, so we can quickly replace a damaged component in case of a memory/CPU/SSD/motherboard/chassis/RAID controller defect. We also maintain spare servers in order to react quickly in case of serious technical server problems. To minimize potential downtime, we’re simply going to migrate all SSDs to a new spare server, while inspecting which of the components is broken and needs to be replaced.

1 GB RAM to get started

Our starter package offers 1 GB of RAM guaranteed, so you can now easily run most applications, without needing to worry about the danger of exceeding the quota of allocated resources that accompany your Virtual Private Server. If you run out of memory, you could enjoy a seamless transition to a more advanced package with just one click. Simply order the upgrade to receive more RAM instantly.

Unlimited Hosted Domains

On your Virtual Private Server, you can host an unlimited number of domain names and set up databases and email accounts without restrictions. With any of the Control Panel options available (cPanel, DirectAdmin or home-grown Control Panel), you will be able to make use of unrestricted resources when creating and managing your sites, applications and marketing campaigns.

Weekly External Backups

Every week, we will perform a full backup of your VPS container. We will save two full backups of your website data (web files, SQL databases, emails, etc.) and all server changes (PHP configuration changes, Apache configuration changes, modules custom Apache server, etc.). Which means that in the event of server problems, caused by force majeure, you will be able to recover any data from the last two weeks.

Low Latency Networks

The data centers we work with are among the best in the industry. They are located on 3 different continents (North America, Europe and Australia), which guarantees a fast connection for their customers. These data centers are protected against natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc., and are among the most reliable and stable facilities of their kind in the world.

Affordable Prices

Our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers offer a very good balance between quality and price. Each OpenVZ configuration offers incredible levels of performance at a much lower price compared to other similar virtual hosting solutions on the market. Additionally, we are constantly optimizing the efficiency of our services and looking for ways to re-evaluate our current prices.

Panel de Control Hepsia Gratuito

An In-House Developed Web Hosting Control Panel with Your VPS

If you don’t know how to maintain a VPS powered by DirectAdmin or VPS cPanel, we have a solution for you – our Hepsia Control Panel developed “in-house”. Here’s what you get:

  • An easy-to-use point-and-click user interface;
  • Manage your VPS just as you manage your cloud hosting account;
  • No need to worry about security updates, settings, backups, etc.;
  • Regular OS and Control Panel updates;
  • Regular addition of plugins;
  • Free with every VPS;
  • Security Surveillance Service included (save $10/month);

Do you have any doubts? Contact us!

Payment facilities

We accept the main payment methods through our platform, you can pay directly with:

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Transferencia Bancaria

Pago por transferencia directa

Transferencia Bancaria Internacional

Pago a Través de MONY - Mercantil Panamá

Ask us about these payment methods

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Pagos a través de BINANCE
Pagos a través de UPHOLD


Claim Your Domain

.com $19.37/yr

.net $23.11/yr

.org $23.09/yr

.art $22.62/yr

.store $62.41/yr

.shop $49.42/yr

.xyz $19.53/yr

.co $36.91/yr

.biz $27.88/yr

.online $42.22/yr

.world $42.21/yr

.live $33.19/yr

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